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This Liquid Projection video, using the techniques of the 60's and 70's has been created by Universoulightforms, we are giving it away here. We have licensed it under the "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License". This means you can use it for any purpose without our permission, including commercial projects, lightshows, home videos, etc. Below is the Google Video version of this video, below that is a link to download the higher quality version.

You may visit Youtube directly to watch it,
or watch it below without leaving our site, just click the Play button. This clip is only about 14 minutes long, the video you can DOWNLOAD below is over an hour long.

Download Freeform Liquid - 939MB XVID AVI Video. We recommend you right click on this link, and choose Save Link As or Save Target As to save it to your computer.

Please don't link directly to this video clip. We have limited bandwidth available on our site, and this file is almost a gigabyte in size. We have this video section set to disable hosting of the file if the bandwidth usage exceeds our limit. We would welcome mirroring of this file, and if anyone can host a torrent for this clip, we would be happy to host the .torrent file, our internet connection isn't sufficient to host the torrent ourselves. Please e-mail us with a link if you do host it, we can post it on this site.

   Freeform Liquid @ mirror.subpixels.com (Germany, direct linking allowed)
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Feb 24, 2002.
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